Size Chart Comparison

UK US Bust inches Waist inches
4 0 30-32" 22"
6 2 32-34" 24"
8 4 32-34" 26"
10 6 34-36" 28"
12 8 36-38" 30"
14 10 38-40" 32"
16 12 40-44" 34"
18 14 44-46" 36-38"


To ensure that you rock that vintage look flawlessly, we kindly invite you to give a little attention to the measurements of the garment before you seal the deal. Vintage sizes can be a bit quirky compared to today's standards, making it a super-smart move to dive into the nitty-gritty details. For a spot-on fit, our suggestion is to measure a similar-style favorite from your wardrobe and cross-reference those measurements with the ones we've listed in our product descriptions.

All the measurements are taken while the garment is laid flat – no stretching involved. We're all about keeping the original design intact. Our sizing gurus factor in the cut and natural drapes of the outfit to give you the lowdown on size and fit that's as precise as your BFF's GPS directions.

Got any uncertainty about a specific piece and need some extra info on sizing? No sweat! We're here with bells on to help. Your happiness struts right at the top of our list, and we're all ears to assist you in the most fab way possible.

If you have any questions please ask as all sales are final.