New Term, New Shop Layout in the Women's Vintage Section

display shop

Well September is always a new start of some kind or other, so in a quiet moment I had a mad burst of energy and decided to completely move around the furniture and displays in the wome's section of the shop.  It looks much more spacious now and weirdly have a bit more room to move around. Plus there's a nice little area for just the mannequins and somewhere to keep the bags. 

I had intended that wire shelving rack for the vintage fabric which seems to permanently reside at home, for lack of shop space. So the bags may get evicted as soon as I muster up the strength to lug the mahoosive fabric box into the shop.  Then comes the task of measuring and pricing it up - ugh, I hate pricing things - that's the downside to this job.

But hey, what do you think to the new layout?

top notch vintage shop layout

children's vintage dresses rail

women's vintage handbags display

vintage clothing shop

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