Black Minds Matter

Black Minds Matter

During these unprecedented and volatile times, I want to show my support towards black lives, by adding a donate option to my checkout to a fantastic charitable fund called, Black Minds Matter.

They are raising money to pay for mental health support, which is going to be such a vital resource not only now but from now, as many many traumas will need to be processed, to help people come to terms with what is happening now and with the entire historical happenings.

Here’s what they have to say.

We understand more than ever the effects of racial discrimination across this country, for many black people the cases of violence against individuals such as George Floyd in the USA and the many historic incidents in the UK are deeply triggering. Treating mental health must be a priority in the fight for equality and welfare of black people in the UK. 

We also understand that the NHS is currently in crisis and therapy is not always readily available. Our aim is to link as many black individuals and families in the UK with certified, professional, black practitioners for sessions as soon as possible. 

Our aim is to use the money raised to pay in full for therapy sessions for those in need. We have created a website  so that individuals may choose a practitioner to their liking, keeping confidentiality and dignity our focus. 

This is a state of emergency for black people's wellbeing and we need your support to help us bridge the gap so that access can become available.  

This is no small feat and we need you to make this happen. Black Lives Matter. Black Minds Matter.

Here is how you donate.

You can either click to add a percentage of your sale, this works like adding a tip, or you can add a custom amount of your choice into the box, Add Your Custom Donation. 

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